Book Update


My novel is about an ordinary man who is forced to steal from local drug dealers to finance a life-changing operation for his adopted disabled daughter. The novel is set in Northumberland. The story has multiple POV’s with a number of twists throughout, climaxing in a violent ending after a major reveal.

A Step into Darkness

James Hall lives in Northumberland with his wife, and their adopted daughter, who suffers from Cerebral Palsy. After watching a DVD given to him by the social services, James is shocked to discover that the birth parents were drug addicts.

Blaming the drug addiction for causing his daughters Cerebral Palsy, James enlists the help of a colleague to track down the birth parents. Assaulting the father in his flat he discovers a bag of money, and the mother dying from a heroin overdose. Calling an ambulance he flees, leaving the money behind.

Two years later a specialist in Houston agrees to perform SDR surgery on his daughter to help her walk. Told that the price of the surgery will be in excess of £50,000 James and his wife agree and decide to set up an appeal to raise the money.

Concerned about the cost, James asks his colleague to help him again. They plan to rob local drug dealers and hand in the drugs anonymously to a local CID detective. The first few robberies are successful, but also bring them to the attention of the main drugs boss in Newcastle, who appoints his minder and nephew to solve the problem.

Discovering his colleague is working against him with an alternative plan and devastated by his deception James informs the CID detective, who calls to arrest his colleague at work where the unexpected happens.

In a desperate last minute attempt for money, James goes to the nephew’s house. Encountering the drugs boss and his nephew where violence breaks out. A dark secret affecting all of them is finally revealed which results in a fatal finale.

Two years later, during a family celebration, tragedy strikes the family one last time.


Progression Stage – 100% completed with a  word count of 90 thousand words – 16 months in the making. Time for the dreaded editing process to begin

Unsure how this will pan out lol!

Latest Update – Following sucesful review from my editor the novel has been updated again – Now with the editor for the second time – Watch this space! – Craig Wrightson July 2019