A Step in Darkness


My novel is about an ordinary man who is forced to steal from local drug dealers to finance a life-changing operation for his adopted disabled daughter. The novel is set in Northumberland. The story has multiple POV’s with a number of twists throughout, climaxing in a violent ending after a major reveal.

Elevator Pitch –  Struggling to pay for a life-changing operation that his daughter desperately needs James plunges himself into the dangerous world of the local drug lord, he has taken his money, and now he must face the consequences.

The novel examines the relationship between families and communities when both are faced with difficult situations. How do you choose between “good” and “bad” when your daughter’s life is on the line?

Progression Stage – 100% completed with a  word count of 90 thousand words – 16 months in the making. Time for the dreaded editing process to begin

Unsure how this will pan out lol!

Latest Update – Following a successful review from my editor the novel has been updated again – Now with the editor for the second time – Watch this space! – Craig Wrightson July 2019

Latest, latest update – Editor happy with my final edit and says it is good to go – No out to my first list of Agents and Publishers – very daunting times ahead – Craig Wrightson September 2019