Writing Inspiration Part 2


In one of my previous blogs I shared some information about a humorous tale that highlighted the fact that inspiration can and will appear unexpectedly and how as writers / story tellers we must learn to identify this moment and act upon it immediately before it is lost for good.

This incident which I am going to share with you is about being prepared to act, it also reinforces what I said in my Author Bio section of my website Laughcryandwrite.com about having the right tools at hand such as notebooks, post it notes, camera, dictaphone etc.

In one of the earlier chapters of my book I was introducing my second protagonist (in this case a local police detective) I wrote what I thought was a rather entertaining scene. In this scene my protagonist encounters a somewhat unique character. I wrote about this character with the intention that my readers would feel sorry for him. In this case he was caught up in something rather seedy and disgusting to say the least.

After reviewing this section of the story a number of times it just didn’t feel right to me. For my readers to truly identify with the character I felt they needed more depth in order to visualize him in his true glory by engaging all of their senses.

No matter how many times I rewrote the character description I just didn’t feel that I was giving the character and my readers the justice they deserved.

Honestly this took up most of writing schedule for a week and was slowly starting to drive me insane.

I knew I would be disappointed with myself I didn’t get this right, even though it is such a small part of the story. If I accepted second best now early in the story I was worried that I’d be tempted to do this again in other sections if I started struggling.

I always knew my first novel was going to be a learning curve for me anyway, so I was happy to keep chipping away at it confident in my writing ability.

For me it’s not about blasting out a story out as quick as possible, it’s about finishing a story knowing you have put your heart and soul into it, where I the writer am confident that the story is a good as it is ever going to be.

That Saturday I was a work and a colleague whom I had not seen for some time wandered into my office for a coffee and chat. I was engrossed doing something but the second I looked up from my desk I immediately thought ‘Here is my pervert.’

As I looked at him, everything I wanted to portray in my character jumped out at me. I half listened as he chatted away; concentrating instead on describing everything I could about him, noting his height, build, wacky hairstyle, walk and voice. I made a mental note of his facial expressions and all of his individual mannerisms.

The minute he left my office I put all of this down into my note book that I try to carry with me at all times and when I got home I had the character completed just as I wanted within twenty minutes. Result.

This just goes to show you even the slightest moment can trigger something. Be prepared to embrace every encounter and experience and utilize them in your story development.

I would just like to point out that my colleague who allowed me to visualize my character properly for the first time is in fact a very decent, down to earth guy and in no way a monster. He just happened to be in the right place at the right time. I won’t name my friend after my character assassination of him but thank you anyway. It does bring a smile to my face now every time I see him now as I can’t but help picturing him up to all sorts of seediness.

I’d like to finish this blog off by sharing my top 5 Stephen King quotes that I found both dark and thought inspiring.





s king 3
I hope you have all enjoyed this blog and I look forward to the next one.
Take Care
Craig x


Writing Inspiration Quote

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Book Update and Writing Inspiration Part 1


Hi everyone.

As promised I’m sending out my book update for the week with an extra little piece added below that I’ve written for any aspiring writers out there.

This week has been good for me in the terms of productive writing. I originally planned a slow comeback after spending the past few weeks neglecting my writing.

Sadly I bottled out of my planned plot change. I was worried that after so many weeks of not really writing much that this would be too big of a step for me to complete correctly. My thinking was that if I ease myself in slowly with my writing at first, then hopefully everything will come together next week a lot more easily regarding the planned plot change. Fingers crossed.

Starting out the week I decided to deviate from my storyboard planner and write out of sync, something which I’ve never done before. I selected sections of my story that I felt comfortable with regardless of where they were located within the story and set myself away making some good progress.

I’m pleased to announce (and also quite chuffed) that I easily surpassed my daily word target of one thousand words and finished the week. Tomorrow night is editing and planing for next week.

By my own admission these words are well written and structured. This for me was a rewarding outcome.

In between my writing I have been researching for future chapters of my story. Frightingly this has found me looking at some very obscure topics such as wounds sustained by samurai swords (I hope that has got you all intrigued and pricked your curiosity).

For the last section of my book update I want to share with you an experience that happened to me this week. The sensible part of my brain is telling me to shut up and remain quiet but I believe it delivers a strong message.

Where I park my car is a ten minute walk to my apartment. Earlier this week I had just locked the car when I sensed I was going to need the toilet rather urgently. To prevent this from being an uncomfortable if not embarrassing walk home I started thinking about an unwritten chapter in my book. I just selected a chapter randomly and let it play out in my mind. Before I knew it I was back home. I raced through to the toilet stopping only to pick up my notepad. When I exited the toilet ten minutes later I had written down over 500 words and had clearly planned out the remaining part of the chapter.

Is this sad? – Definitely! Humorous? – Maybe a little!

This just shows that you never know when inspiration will strike and you should always make the effort to embrace it and not let it slip by.


Writing Inspiration Part 1

Before I start I’d like share with you a very good inspirational quote for aspiring writers.

pin 1

I have stated on my website that I believe every person has a story to tell.

I’m sure that if you were to spend a quiet moment reflecting on your lives or even just your day there will be things you’ve witnessed or done, stories you’ve been told, people you’ve met and experiences that you’ve shared, that something will jump out at you making you think ‘hey that was cool / good / interesting / different etc.’.

Great. When they do…WRITE THEM DOWN!

There is nothing more rewarding than reading your own words. Don’t panic at the thought writing for the first time. By writing, I don’t mean setting off with a full blown novel or Biography. Write in a style that suits you right now. Whether it is simple notes or bullet points, key or memorable words, single page essays or a short story, find the style that suits and just stick with it for the time being until you feel more confident to progress.

Also don’t worry about minor things like poor spelling and grammar. These can all be addressed easily at a later stage. As you develop as writer / story teller things like your writing style and prose will all improve through time. Right now the main thing is for you just to get your words out there and for you take notice and appreciate how good you actually are and how rewarding it feels to see your own words written for the very first time. Try it I am sure you will be shocked by the results.

Hey! Just an idea. Why don’t you try this?

Think about today. Find one thing that made you laugh, smile, cry or angry and write it down from your own point of view. This is an easy exercise to start with. Don’t look to write word upon word. Keep it simple and write until you think that you have covered everything you need to in order to portray your story correctly.

If after reading this Blog anyone is encouraged to write and participate in my little writing exercise I suggested please share your thoughts and views with me on the comments section of my webpage. I’d love to hear how you got on.

If this blog can inspire just one person to pick up a pen and paper or open up their laptop and type away then it will have been worth it.

Finely I’d like to share the first Pinterest Pin that got me motivated to start out into my journey. Try it. I’m confident that in no time at all you will have progressed from point one and will be pushing yourself further up to point eight.

pin 2

Thanks for reading this.

Enjoy your weekend and see you next time.

Craig x



Site Update

Hi everyone. Please don’t worry I don’t intended to inundate you with blogs every day. After this one I will be concentrating on completing A Step Into Darkness.

I Just wanted to inform everyone that tonight I finished the website Laughcryandwrite.com and that everything should be operating smoothly.

I have added a contact section for you to get in touch with me but also more importantly I have completed the book update page (the whole purpose of the site), where you can find a brief synopsis of the story and my progress.

If you visit my site and like could you please sign up to follow and share on my behalf. Many thanks to everyone who has joined already.

Feedback so far has been greater than expected and I’ve already had hits as far away as South Africa, United States, European Union as well as from the UK and Azerbaijan.

Well thanks again and have a great week.

Craig x


Easter Greetings

Happy Easter everyone especially my family and friends in the UK. I hope you all have a chocalicious day.

No chocolate for me so far but I did receive a welcomed skype call from my kids who excitedly told me every single detail of their Easter Egg Hunt….of course I was not jealous in the slightest.

Easter is not celebrated until next week in Azerbaijan but today is an important day for them and I went of to church this morning to see the difference. Was a very humbling experience and discovered a tradition that I really liked and thought I’d share.

Today is Palm Sunday but I was informed they call it Willow Sunday for the reason below.

The streets lining the church and the church itself were lined with flower sellers.

The tradition here goes something like this.

When Jesus arrived in Jerusalem he was welcomed with Palm Leaves. In Russia where Orthodox Christians don’t grow Palm Trees they celebrate with branches from a Willow Tree. These are bought and taken home for one year where they believe the Willow branch will protect thier home. After one year the branches are laid at the graves of thier loved ones and a new Willow branch is bought again to continue the cycle. Due to the history of the two countries this practice has also been introduced to Azerbaijan.

What a wonderful tradition this is and one I could really respect.

These were the other flowers for sale which are the first flowers of spring and bought for decoration.

Hope you enjoyed.

For me it’s back to the book. Planning a major plot change that I have been avoiding but plan to ace it tomorrow night.

Take care everyone x


Flying High Once Again

Hi and welcome to my first blog. So pleased to be at this stage.

After a crazy few months with work I now have time to concentrate on finishing the first draft of “A Step Into Darkness”. The last few months havnt been entirely wasted as I’ve used this time to edit the first 50k words I have so far and the up a few loose ends with the plot.

This week has seen a massive change in the weather in Baku. March has been fighting with spring. Im pleased to announce March won this battle with a KO and the weather the past few weeks has been well and truly welcomed.

This week I have mostly been editing . Something which I have greatly enjoyed and I can already see my skills in the craft of writing improving by the day.

I finished the first draft of editing tonight…and thought it was a big milestone for me….not that I need an excuse but I’ve celebrated by cracking open a bottle of exquisite Georgian white wine which I have been savouring for the last hour.

Enjoy your weekend everyone x