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A New Year – A New Challange – Exciting Update – WW1 Journal from 100 Years Ago

lest we forgetHi Everyone,

I trust you all had a fantastic Christmas and I wish you all the very best for 2019.

Last year was a real turning point for me and my writing. I completed my first ever draft, set up this website, completed my Writing Course and produced a few short stories.

2019 is going to be even greater for me and my writing. I hope to improve with my writing style with experience and I have just sat down and planned out my whole writing schedule for the year, which I am going to monitor my progress against.

For 2019 my main plans are to complete the final re-write of ‘A Step into Darkness’ ready for returning to the Editor for review. I plan to complete the 1st draft of my second novel ‘A Silent Scream’. I am looking to self-publish a compilation of Horror stories in time for Halloween and I’m going to prepare and hopefully complete NaNoWriMo in November which will set me up lovely for my third novel.

Exciting Update

Back in November 2018, a close friend sent me a copy of his Grandad’s Journal from the 1st World War. It had been discovered by his cousin 100 years later. The reason my friend sent me the Journal was two-fold:

  1. He knew of my passion for all things related to WW1 and WW2.
  2. He knew I was a writer.

After reading the story two or three times I sensed that there was a real story crying out to be told. A one of heroism, courage and of the barbarity of life in the trenches during that time.

After gaining permission from the family, I have been working over the festive period, tinkering here and there, formatting, editing and adding some missing information.

This is now all complete and the Journal has been self-published on Amazon in the Kindle format under the title ‘From the Toon to the Trenches.’

The short story will be priced at 1.99p with all sales being donated to the British Legion.

For me, it as a wonderful read, sometimes shocking and occasionally humorous and I ask you all to have a look and share the word.

The link to buy from Amazon is:-


I am immensely proud to have been chosen to assist in the sharing of this forgotten Journal.

As always I wish you all happiness and I will update you soon with the progress of my work.

One Love


P.S. Please share as much as possible and encourage everyone to sign up to my website.

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