Site Update

Hi everyone. Please don’t worry I don’t intended to inundate you with blogs every day. After this one I will be concentrating on completing A Step Into Darkness.

I Just wanted to inform everyone that tonight I finished the website Laughcryandwrite.com and that everything should be operating smoothly.

I have added a contact section for you to get in touch with me but also more importantly I have completed the book update page (the whole purpose of the site), where you can find a brief synopsis of the story and my progress.

If you visit my site and like could you please sign up to follow and share on my behalf. Many thanks to everyone who has joined already.

Feedback so far has been greater than expected and I’ve already had hits as far away as South Africa, United States, European Union as well as from the UK and Azerbaijan.

Well thanks again and have a great week.

Craig x

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