Flying High Once Again

Hi and welcome to my first blog. So pleased to be at this stage.

After a crazy few months with work I now have time to concentrate on finishing the first draft of “A Step Into Darkness”. The last few months havnt been entirely wasted as I’ve used this time to edit the first 50k words I have so far and the up a few loose ends with the plot.

This week has seen a massive change in the weather in Baku. March has been fighting with spring. Im pleased to announce March won this battle with a KO and the weather the past few weeks has been well and truly welcomed.

This week I have mostly been editing . Something which I have greatly enjoyed and I can already see my skills in the craft of writing improving by the day.

I finished the first draft of editing tonight…and thought it was a big milestone for me….not that I need an excuse but I’ve celebrated by cracking open a bottle of exquisite Georgian white wine which I have been savouring for the last hour.

Enjoy your weekend everyone x

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